Thursday, January 5, 2012

Heart Felt Wreath

I love Pinterest and while on there I saw the cutest wreath made with felt from The Idea Room I just had to recreate this cute wreath. I love Valentine's day, but have realized that I really don't have many decorations. This is my year to start some great crafts.

 I was actually able to make this wreath over two days. Cutting out the circles took the longest.
You will need a pair of scissors, 3/4 yard felt ( I  actually got mine at Joann's on sale for $2.99 a was my color of choice), hot glue gun, Styrofoam heart ($4.99 with 40% off at Joann's), scrap ribbon

I used an old spool of ribbon to cut out my circles. I did a 3in circle template for this. I would have to say that cutting out the circles was the hardest part. My hands hurt pretty bad after cutting out 100 circles!

To create this masterpiece, I folded the circles in half, then in half again and placed a good amount of glue in the right bottom corner. 
 Then in no particular order I began to place each folded circle on the heart to create a fun look. My mom actually said, "They look like roses on the heart!"
This part was really fun and honestly only took me two hours to glue the circles on! I did notice if you pay a little attention and put them in different positions and start in one place and just go around it's easier! (LOTS OF GLUE)

You only have to do this on the front. You can't even see the back! Once I finished, I glued a small piece of ribbon on the back and was able to hang it on the wall! For my first ever felt wreath, I must say that it turned out Fabulous! My goal for the New Year is to make at least one craft each week! More felt crafts to come. I can't wait to share!

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