Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm Back

Well it has been awhile and alot has changed. Our oldest Brian went in the military and is now stationed in Japan, we saw him right before Christmas for a short time. Lorelei started her senior year and is still trying to figure out life. Our little one Gage will be 4 on September 4th and I still can't believe that. He is just being a kid and loves to play and laugh.
I have really decided to make a go with Michele's Creations. Those of you that know me, know that I love to craft and have even done a couple tutorial on our blog. I have decided to share more with you. I have decided that i will talk about my family and also some of the fun things that I am creating for my beautiful clients and in my own home.
As I am writing this my almost 4 year old is belting out the Veggie Tales song. He will ask me to rewind it over and over so that he can sing it. He absolutely loves it. He is watching one about gifts right now. Not very long ago I was filling out an application and trying to answer a question about my gifts. While I know that I am crafty, I was wondering what gifts I actually possessed? What gifts did god give me? Well, I still don't know....LOL!
We have not been going to church lately and I honestly can't give you a good reason for those of you that are wondering. I know that I was extremely unhappy in my job and anxiety had taken over a bit, I know that should be moving closer to God, instead I am backing away. I am trying to go...and get my will to be there back. I did recently start a new devotional on my phone that seems as though it is talking to me each and every day.
Well, I am going to make this short, because I am going to get everything updated and figure out where I am going to have this blog take me. Please share with anyone and everyone. Also, I encourage you to ask me questions...I will answer them...

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