Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Hazards of Being a Mom

The only time he stops is when he is asleep. My sweet 20 month old Gage is in a wonderful stage of throwing things and climbing things to get a reaction. He never walks anywhere and the energy is amazing. It is not always fun, and most of the times hurts pretty badly. He is a boy and I am sure that this is just the beginning of many times that he will hurt, we will hurt and possibly many times to the Emergency Room. Since he began walking he has had a scratch, bump or bruise somewhere on his body. Since he realized that things make noise when you throw them and almost always get a reaction out of mom he began giving me bumps, bruises and headaches. This morning he decided that his car belonged very close to my eye and threw it there. It hurt really badly, but I had to tell him that he couldn't do that. It didn't stop him, he just picked up another one and threw it at my forehead. I feel like the mean mom always telling him  that he can not throw things. But, it really hurts and it is not a fun feeling. One thing that I can say, is that he seems to only do it to his immediate family, not to friends, other family and at church which is a blessing.
Each time that my sweet boy is outside, he wants to push his little truck, car, or anything that he can get his hands on. He then proceeds to run quickly falling many times, but that never seems to stop him he just gets up and keeps on going. When we finally make it inside, there seems to always be a bump, bruise, scrape, scratch or sometimes blood. He does not care one bit!!!!
Yesterday within 20 minutes his sister threw him on the bed (playing) and Gage's head hit my husbands elbow really hard. He cried.....for about 5 minutes and then he was fine. While waiting for Brian to get the car seat back in my car, Gage was trying to escape the confines of the garage and ended up splitting his lip open and he cried for.....about 5 minutes. Once we were in the car, he was quiet....then said, "hello" to his sister and brother. He was once again, just fine.
His very new endeavor is getting in the chair with me and then he proceeds to climb over me to get closer to the end table. I usually let him sit there, until a few days ago when he began to try and climb on the table. He constantly pushes is limits. When I returned from the retreat this last Sunday, my husband told me that he is now climbing on the coffee table. I didn't see this until this morning, when he couldn't reach his car (forget about walking to the other side) he proceeded to just put his leg up and try. If I wouldn't have been watching he may have been dancing on the table to Yo Gabba Gabba!
I know that I am only at the beginning of some crazy moments. It is fun, scary and I can not get enough of my sweet little boy. He is learning really fast, especially how many buttons he can push with mommy!

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