Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introduction of a Blended Family

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When we are young girls, we often dream about our prince charming and he sweeps us off our feet and then we start a beautiful large family. I often had these dreams, but was still turning 30 and single. I kept thinking to myself, when is this prince charming going to finally come into my life? An unexpected chance meeting of my prince charming turned quickly into a match that was meant to be. He was my prince charming, he was wonderful and exactly who I wanted in my life.  Brian was a wonderful man, but he already had two children and as I lay in bed night after night I wasn’t exactly sure that I wanted a family that was already started.

I decided to give it a try and see where things took us; I knew that if it were God’s plan then it would work out. We set out on our journey and the kids were quickly part of my life. I was madly in love with a Godly man with two children, which were so set in their ways. Lorelei and Brian were not ready for another woman to come into their lives. Their mother had abandoned these two children at very young ages and they would only see their mother occasionally, she was the “Disneyland Mom.” This woman had chose so long ago to not be an active part in their lives. After being a single father for so long, Brian met a woman and they were married but even after seven years of marriage, these children still didn’t find their place with her. It was a rocky road constantly. Brian would soon divorce her and I would later come into the picture.

They had a different set of rules and they didn’t like the ones that I wanted to implement. It was a really rough road most days. Brian and I were married, and then he and I had Gage, which is now two. Brian and Lorelei are 15 and 17 and each day is a struggle. I am dealing with teenage hormones and terrible two’s all at once. I never knew this is what my fairytale would encounter. I often still ask God, why is my patience tested daily and I struggle so much with my stepdaughter each day. I know there is a reason that God brought Brian and I together and I will continue to grow and live in my blended family!

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