Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Step Mom Havoc

I recently have been struggling with being a step-mom. I feel as though I am always walking on pins and needles and the struggles that step parents face, other adults cannot always understand. We sometimes have to stop what we are going to say in mid sentence because it is not the way that they have been raised up until this point. With me, I came into my step children's lives only three years ago and they were 12 and 14 years old. They were so set in their ways and not always willing to compromise. I now have a 2 year old and it is so difficult dealing with the different ways in which these children are raised. While, I know my step children have been taught good manners and such, they struggle with authority. They don't like to be told to do something and they hate that they have responsibility. I think they even told me that their friends don't do as many chores as they do. I had to laugh. They have 10 minutes of chores nightly and about 20 minutes on the weekends...it is not my fault that it takes them over an hour to accomplish these chores. I also recently found out that a few of each of these friends have jobs and are still in high school. I was recently asked to write a post twice a month on the struggles that I face as a step mom and life in general. http://www.theiemommy.com/  has given me a great avenue to express my struggles that I have each day! You will see me on this journey that I started only three years ago and has taken me to a different point in my life that I wasn't always sure is where I was going to end up.

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